Am I A ‘Discount Real Estate Broker’ because I only charge 1% commission to sell your home in Denver?

For years I charged 6% and 7% commissions (minus the MLS co-op fee) to help people sell their houses, it was hard earned and I deserved it – marketing homes took a lot of time, effort, and money.  Today, marketing the average home is not quite as difficult.  The majority of qualified home buyers are working with real estate agents, searching for homes over the Internet and driving neighborhoods, which means that most homes will get plenty of exposure with accurate MLS and syndication listings and a yard sign.  I am not saying that all we do as Realtors or real estate agents is list houses on the Internet and sit back, I am however aware that it is less expensive and time consuming to successfully list and sell homes than it was in the past.  Full time real estate professionals are still a critical and necessary cog in real estate transactions – the knowledge and services we provide are more necessary now than ever.  I do not consider myself a ‘discount real estate broker’, I consider myself a fair real estate broker.  I don’t perform or purchase unnecessary marketing and therefore, I do not charge for it.


  • When I work for you as your Buyer’s Agent, it is a free service to you - I get paid by the seller.  Click Here or call me at 303-564-4055 to learn about all of the free services I offer to my buyers.
  • Great programs are available for down payment assistance when buying a home in Denver or the surrounding Denver Metro Area.  Do not let the fact that you lack the necessary funds for down payment and closing costs stop you from buying your own home.  I have access to down payment assistance programs that will grant you the money needed to make your dream a reality without ever having to pay it backClick Here or call me at 303-564-4055 to apply for or learn more about this zero down program or any other type of loan.

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Let me show you how I list and sell homes in the Denver area for just 1% commission (plus the MLS co-op fee).  My marketing plan does not utilize outdated, unnecessary marketing – I just use the marketing that works.  Along with my proven marketing plan, 1% gets you all of the services and knowledge you need to get through your real estate transaction smoothly.  To get started today, click here or call me at 303-564-4055.

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